The Gynecology Service through the Allied Care Experts Medical Center Bohol-Women’s Center is committed to serve the personal growth and development of women as independent, confident, and healthy individuals, as it provide the women clients and employees with the best care necessary for promoting their wellness during pregnancy and addressing treatment for reproductive tract diseases and health problems that are often unique to females.


          The Women’s Center is determined to expand and strengthen its mandate, programs and services. It will reach out and serve new and more clients to transform as it opens new avenues to expand women’s choices, to change women’s lives for betterment.


The center provides information, referrals and services to facilitate issues related to OB-GYN.

Service Offered for Out-Patient

  1. Consults
  2. OB Gyne Ultrasound

                       -Transvaginal Ultrasound

                       -Transrectal Ultrasound

                       -Follicle Monitoring

                       -Pelvic Ultrasound (TAS-BPP)

                      -Congenital Anomaly Scan

                     -OB Doppler

  1. Cervical screening with conventional Pap Smear
  2. HPV vaccination
  3. Cauterization of vulvar lesion

For inquiries, please call: 418888 local 432