At ACE Medical Center -Bohol Rehabilitation Center ,we offer Physical Rehabilitative care in line with the global standards imbued with excellence. We also take pride in spearheading the uplifting of the standards of care in rehabilitation through our state-of-the-art modalities and facilities and well-trained staff geard with the knowledge and skills to provide excellent care and safety for our prospective patients/clients. We have the following equipment of last technology like BTL Super Inductive System – this machine is based on high intensity electromagnetic field that influences the human tissues. This is indicated for fracture healing, tendinopathy, back pains, muscle strengthening. We also have BTL targeted radiofrequency device (first also in Bohol). It distributes high electromangnetic energy in the desired tissues, indications include muscle spasm, trigger points, myalgia, neck pain, post traumatic edema.

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