Right to appropriate medical care and humane

  1. Right to dignity
  2. Right to informed of his right and responsibilities as a patient
  3. Right to choose health care provider and facility
  4. Right to informed consent
  5. Right to refuse diagnostic and medical treatment
  6. Right to refuse participation in medical research
  7. Right to religious belief and assistance
  8. Right to privacy and confidentiality
  9. Right to disclosure of, and access to information
  10. Right to correspondence and to receive visitors
  11. Right to medical records
  12. Right to health education
  13. Right to leave with proper information of consequences
  14. Right to express grievances
  15. Right to self-determination 


  1. Providing accurate and complete details about your medical history and your current condition
  2. To tell the doctor or nurse if you do not understand the treatment or what you are supposed to do
  3. To follow instructions and treatment plan of your doctors, nurses and others concerning your care
  4. To accept consequences of refusing treatment or not following instructions
  5. To notify healthcare providers if you have an advance directive or similar document, and provide a copy
  6. To follow hospital rules and regulations that affect patient care and conduct, such as adhering to the no smoking policy and controlling noise
  7. To accept financial obligations of your care and cooperate with Patient Accounts if you cannot pay
  8. To be considerate of staff members caring for you