An operating room (OR), also called surgery center, is the unit of hospital where surgical procedures are performed.The Operating Room of Allied Care experts (ACE) Medical Center-Bohol is located the 2nd floor of the hospital. Adequate space is allotted to carry out its functions. Space are designed for interchange area (receiving area, offices restrooms and locker rooms0, semi restricted area (induction room, clean storage room, scrub areas, recovery room), restricted area ( 5 major operating rooms and 1 minor operating room, sterile supply storage area) and dirty area or disposal area.

In addition, specific diagnostic, therapeutic or invasive procedures are also performed by specialists from a variety of disciplines. Its main workload is derived from a host of surgical disciplines encompassing general surgery, obstetrical gynaecological surgery, orthopaedic & trauma surgery, ophthalmic surgery, otorhinolaryngological surgery, urological surgery, neurosurgery, oral & maxillofacial and others. Fundamental to the provision of optimal peri-operative care is the consideration for patient safety during the administration of anaesthesia and the performance of the surgical procedure. Trained personnel, complete documentation of the procedure performed, the availability of reliable monitoring equipment, good procedure-specific  instrumentation and above all, an environment where surgical asepsis is assured by best practices conforming to international standards

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