At Allied Care Experts Medical Center-Bohol Laboratory Department, all generated tests in the HISD3 are sent to the Laboratory Information System (LIS). Through that process, we are sure that all requested tests will be performed by the laboratory staff on duty.

Processing Area

A. Barcode identifications are to be attached to each specimen containers through the Laboratory Information System. These barcode stickers are to be used as identifier by the machines.


A. Sysmex XN550,(used for CBC) a compact hematology analyzer capable of cell counting of blood and other body fluids. It can run 60 samples per hour (60 seconds running time per sample).

B. Sysmex CA660 (for Prothrombin and Thromboplastin Time), can run 60 simultaneous samples per hour, maximum of 10 samples per batch. Within a minute, both PT and PTT results are readily available

Clinical Chemistry

A. Fuji Dri-Chem NX500, a dry chemistry analyzer, (for the Blood Chemistry). It has a throughput of 128 tests/hour and utilizes only 10 uL of sample per test, an advantage when sample volume is limited, especially for the newborns in the NICU.

B. Sysmex BX3010, a wet chemistry analyzer, (also for Blood Chemistry). It has a greater throughput than the Fuji Dri-Chem with 150 tests/hour.

Clinical Microscopy

A. UF500i, a machine capable of running a sample in 60 seconds, with a sample throughout of 60 tests/hour. This makes it possible to detect urinary tract infections within minutes instead of waiting for hours.


A. Mini-Vidas, analyzer capable of performing 36 tests/ hour. With its Load & Go concept, the staff can still perform other tasks while waiting for the machine to finish its process. It is capable of running cardiac markers, tumor markers, hormones, and STIs.


A. Bact/Alert is used for detecting the presence or absence of microorganisms in the blood or sterile body fluids.

B. After the detection of the microorganism, it needs to be identified. VITEK2 gives a fast and reliable microbial identification and antibiotic susceptibility results. Results may be available in as little as 5 hours, effectively reducing the turn-around time.


A. This section is equipped with Leica machines, a global leader in the histology automation and workflow.

B. As the only private hospital in Bohol to have the Cryostat with UV, surgeons’ requests for intraoperative consultation is easily attended to. It shortens the time of diagnosis significantly compared to the traditional tissue biopsy, minimizing the patients’ need for second operation.


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