Allied Care Experts Medical Center-Bohol has advance imaging technologies like MRI, CT-scan, Digital Mammograms, X-ray and Ultrasound machines. Advances in imaging technologies has a huge impact on the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Our machines provide more detailed image allowing doctors to see things in new ways.

Allied Care Experts Medical Center-Bohol imaging provide early and more accurate diagnoses  that lead to better and more successful results. The Diagnostic Imaging Center of Allied Care Experts Medical Center-Bohol is equipped with the state of the art Medical Diagnostic technology that provides a comprehensive adult and pediatric inpatient and outpatient diagnostic  imaging service to patients. This includes imaging modalities such as:

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

The first functional 1.5 tesla MRI machine in the city that enable the boholanos to save money and time to have the test here in our hospital instead of going to another island but with the same diagnostic quality.

CT Scan

A 64 slice Somatom GO Up Computed Tomography Scan machine that can scan the patient in only a matter of seconds. (10 seconds scanning time for the whole abdomen)


The only 2D Mammography machine in the city that caters the need of boholana women especially from ages 35-40 to have this examination yearly because as they say an ounce prevention Is worth a pound of cure.


The only Ultrasonography machine which is capable of Shear wave elastography . These techniques take advantage of changed soft tissue elasticity in various pathologies to yield qualitative and quantitative information that can be used for diagnostic purposes

Radiology (X-RAY)

Fully digital General X-ray and Fluoroscopic services which allows radiographers to produce a sharper and clearer images for better diagnosis.


FLUOROSCOPY procedure is an imaging technique that gathers real-time moving images using fluoroscope of internal structures of patients.

The department uses an information technology system called Hospital Information System Designed by Doctors for Doctors (HISD3). This system links the department to the hospital and attending physicians, allowing them to share patient’s images to enhance patient care. Providing immediate diagnosis to patients and timely interventions.

The department is the first to use full RIS PACS (Radiology Information System, Picture Archiving Communication System) which is integrated in the hospital’s system for consolidation of diagnostic and reporting tools in a single zero-footprint work space, eliminating the need to purchase, configure, maintain and train multiple specialty workstations.

For inquiries, please call:  4128888 local 116