A Quick Guide For Pre Hospital Admission

  1.  Present your government issued ID or valid ID’s for verification of your identity. It is necessary  to present a card showing your personal data such as your present address, telephone number employer.
  2. Bring your latest doctor’s documents from your previous checkup, hospitalization  data and latest medications, laboratories and keep this together  your ID so it will ready available in time of condition evaluation.
  3. Plan your payment options, either self paying, or you will use or avail your local health shield,or  company insurance.  
  4. Present your insurance membership ID, and provide Letter of Guarantee (LOG)  or letter of authorization (LOA).
  5. If you are married, Secure copy of your partner’s insurance coverage to ensure that you avail yourself a full protection benefits as his/ her dependents. 


  • No deposit is required confirmation of admission for regular patient  and patients presenting a Letter of Authorization (LOA) or Letter of Guarantee (LOG) issued by the patient’s insurance agency, Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), or corporate alliance as its member, dependent , beneficiary or recipient are not . 

Important Document

  1. Our aim is to help you  feel comfortable in the hospital environment and get smoothen out  the procedure as quickly as possible. We recommend you to have with you the following documents (as applicable):
    1. Personal Identification (ID) with photo:
      •  Senior Citizen’s ID
      • GSIS ID
      • Healthcare insurance card or document
      • Digitized SSS ID
      • Passport
      • Unified Multi-Purpose ID
      • Driver’s License
      • Persons with Disability ID
      • PRC ID
      • Accredited HMO-issued member’s ID
    2. Signed Letter of Authority (LOA) or  Letter of Guarantee from your organization company (in the event that you are qualified for social insurance hospitalization benefits).
    3.  Any previous medical records, X-Ray or test outcomes (particularly in the event that you had recent check or confinement at another restorative medical clinic)

      The hospital admission personnel will issue you a one of a kind patient distinguishing proof number in an arm bracelet demonstrating your full name, date of birth, a patient ID number, and the name of your Attending Medical Doctor (AMD). The recognizable proof (ID) wrist trinket must be worn consistently during your confinement . Try not to REMOVE the ID wrist trinket until you are released from ACEMED. This is for your very own safety and security


  • PhilHealth member, will be given a rundown or list of requirements and necessities and structures required to avail yourself of PhilHealth derivations from your last bill. A Credit Officer will disclose to you the requirements in detail. Remember that to probably appreciate a deduction on your medical hospitalization charge, you ought to present the total and complete properly filled out PhilHealth claim documents at the season of your release. You and your family can put effort on these quickly upon admission to evade delays amid release or discharge.